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New Channel to Sell Australian Products in China

The Australian Brands Alliance – a group that represents various Australian companies – has announced plans to launch Ausmart stores in major cities in China this year.

The store will act as a portal through which Australian local brands will be able to deliver to Chinese customers, allowing them to enjoy thousands of Australian products.

Since the implementation of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement a year ago, imported Australian products have enjoyed a zero or preferential tariff policy, which stimulates the development of cross-border business.

Ausmart founder Geoff Pearce, who heads up the Continental Group, said the trade agreement created new opportunities for Australian businesses to sell products in China.

“Through this trading ‘bridge’ conducted by Chinese and Australian governments, we hope to shorten and simplify the distance and process between those brands and Chinese customers, enabling a face-to-face contact between both ends, while allowing the latter to enjoy these natural products at a more reasonable and affordable price,” Pearce said.

The Ausmart project will work with some major chains and e-commerce platforms to establish online and offline direct-sales and an experience center for thousands of leading Australian and New Zealand brands.


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