Beep! Beep! Beep! Jomeyo Open It’s E-shop Today

JOMEYO, founded in 2003, specializes in developing online e-commerce business. Growing with the rapid development of China E-commerce, JOMEYO has become a professional and innovated E-commerce service provider. In 2014, JOMEYO entered a new stage to be the priority partner for Western US enterprises. By introducing more than 40 famous brands abroad, JOMEYO integrated importing cross-border logistic chain to provide one-stop solution of China E-commerce market, including Online Marketing Integration, Full Online Channels Establishment, Store Operation, Warehousing & Logistics and IT Solution. Today JOMEYO become the core driving force of China Cross-Border E-commerce Ecosystem to help Brands open China market quickly and enhance brand visibility. Following the belief of sourcing Cruelty Free products, JOMEYO dedicated to be an animal friendly E-commerce company in China and be the reliable 3rd party service provider for Brands.


JOMEYO subordinate three major business modules, namely [JOMEYO world shop], [JOMEYO overseas aggregate supply chain], [JOMEYO offline O2O entity shop], covers the B2C, B2B, O2O, such as a variety of trade patterns.

JOMEYO owns hundreds of general agencies around the world, first-class brand, tens of thousands of SKU, JOMEYO also has its own warehouse 4 at home and abroad, two domestic bonded warehouse, a transit warehouse in Hong Kong, a collection of warehouse in the United States, in order to ensure the whole JOMEYO ecosystem of fluency.

All the products are sent from overseas warehouses to ensure 100% cross border import! Duty free and general agent brand direct battalion, make sure the price is the lowest.


The mall of JOMEYO is in service now.

Within a month of the launch date, the application becomes a distributor of the company, which will enjoy a zero threshold and no deposit.

The main five sectors are cosmetics, skin care, maternal and child supplies, daily necessities, and nutritional care. We’ll sell as long as you need it.

When you became our distributors , you will enjoy a discount of 30%-50% for all our products sold online. Promotion of personal shops generates sales, with a maximum of 50% commission, a 30% guarantee and a maximum 25% commission for sharing promotions indirectly.

What are you waitting for?  Join us by scaning our OR code now! WeChat Official Account OR code:



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