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Big data assists in fighting knockoffs

E-commerce powerhouse Alibaba said big data technologies have helped it detect more than 61,000 individuals or groups suspected of operating shops that sell counterfeit goods on Taobao, its online shopping portal. In addition, it has detected 1,640 factories that produce fake goods and supply them to online dealers, Zheng Junfang, Alibaba's chief platform governance officer,… Continue reading Big data assists in fighting knockoffs

Import-Export Regulation And Law

China CFDA Released Guidelines for the Labeling of Infant Formula Milk Powder Formula Registration

On 25 May 2017, CFDA released the formal version of Guidelines for the Labeling of Infant Formula Milk Powder Formula Registration (Trial). Compared with the draft version, there is no big change in the formal version. Here we listed the key points in the guideline, to help you better understand the relevant important labeling requirements. 

Import-Export Regulation And Law

What is a Compliant Chinese Label for Imported Pre-packaged Food?

According to the China Food Safety Law (2015 Version), pre-packaged food without Chinese labels or their labels do not comply with the Law shall not be imported to China. However, as some enterprises are unfamiliar with the related regulations in China, many imported food are returned or destroyed due to the label problems every month. In order to help imported enterprises better understand what a compliant Chinese label should be, here we will introduce the main requirements for Chinese label.